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Can YOU really do something like this ?

Can YOU really do something like this ?


Is it worth your happiness? 


We’re not saying selling up, packing up all your stuff  and moving around the world is the answer to everything so heres a few things we’ve learnt to do over the last few years to keep a level head.


Do something else

  • Doing something else is achievable at any time and any age, there may be things that need to be compromised on but if you’re gaining happiness then do it. Give it a go, why not ? Failure builds character and though it may knock your confidence at first, it will come back stronger and ready for the next challenge ahead. Don’t be afraid to fail, everyone fails at some point at something. No one has ever got anywhere without taking an initial risk.

Success, whether it be your happiness or wealth, is not built by staying in your comfort zone.


Go somewhere else

  • Go somewhere else, change the scenery from your usual local restaurant and that same holiday destination,Try SkyScanner.com, After all nothing new is going to come from constantly doing the same thing in the same place.

OR just simply…


Add something else

  •  Add something to your lifestyle, join the gym, start running, start going for evening bike rides or add a new hobby to your life (try gold) Another great thing to do is volunteer down at a local charity of some sort, its great for your morale and you’ll be helping others at the same time.
  • Something I did (Andy), which ill be honest didn’t last that long, reading. A great read for positive thinking and confidence in what you’re doing is this book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. You can buy it here

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