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Leaving the…….

Leaving the…….

Leaving the ‘Normbehind’, it isn’t as simple as packing up your shit and jumping on a plane.

Everybody has a different opinion of what a  ‘Normlife  is. In general its paying bills, working a 9-5 job and running a maintenance business in a town described as ” The Sunshine Coast” Eastbourne, England. Want to know why its also nicknamed “Heavens waiting room” Click Here.

We’ll be explaining below what made us make the big change from a mortgage, to Travel blogging nomads…….

We’re leaving the ‘Normbehind’ for something extraordinary and at our age of 25 (Becky) and 26 (Andy), it’s not a decision to be taken lightly by some of our family and friends.

You get the odd “I think you’re crazy” or “its just a pipe dream”  and the best one “but you have a mortgage”.
All of this is achievable anywhere in the world at anytime, for anyone.

The way we’ve seen it now: Things will always be there for you at ‘home’, so to speak so we’re ready to take the so called “risk” of leaving the ‘Normbehind’.

We’re not saying its going to be simple, you will have thoughts of “Why am i doing this” “what if it goes wrong” or “how can i sell all of my belongings”.

We’ve been in our home now for 3 years and before these 3 years we debated starting a blog and traveling the world but the pressure of trying to jump on the property ladder was all we had behind us.

When we look back on it now we can’t imagine where or what we would be doing in the world, right now, if we left all them years ago.

Sunny old Eastbourne seafront, our home

Society tells us we should go to uni, get wealthy, pay a mortgage for the next 30 years and drive a nice car, which will always be on finance. We’re not saying this isn’t a good thing, but after having a mortgage for the past 3 years, driving nice cars and owning a self built business, i can tell you, all these materials aspects of life are not all they are cracked up to be.

Every year for the past 6 years we have spent all of our money on ONE week, all inclusive, holidays and getting off our tits at festivals. It took a last minute, 8 day, trip to Thailand moving from city to city each day to spark our enthusiasm and hunger to travel the world.

The thought of just having a few pieces of last summers clothes, a few medical bits, that’ll hopefully never get used and a camera to document this, what could be a life changing experience, is a bit daunting.

On the flip side the thought of chasing invoices, paying bills and living with the regret of not leaving the ‘Normbehind’ is even more so.

Becky trying to see whats out there…..


‘What could be out there?’ That question gets played over and over in your head, the truth is, no one fucking knows. It is what you make of it, if you want to explore the world you need to book that flight and get on it, usually after a few beers and some Tequila slammers to get over the onboard nerves, how anybody says “i like flying” i do not know. It may be a small fear in comparison to some peoples fears but we think, as with any risk if it works in your favour, a risk taken will end with greater rewards.



We’ve debated over and over about keeping the house, keeping all our belongings and going traveling. But when it comes down to it, if we want to do it properly and not have constant worries about “is the mortgage getting paid” or “what state is the house in” we need to sell up, leave the business and have no ties except family and friends.

We need to see if there’s more out there for us other than our small town (Eastbourne,United Kingdom) for the rest of our lives, doing the daily grind of Eat Sleep Work Repeat.

We don’t want to be cliche about it, but waking up every morning thinking to yourself  “Fuck this” isn’t what we want to keep doing. At least not without giving this so called ‘pipe dream’ a go.

Whether we’re home in a year or we make a bloody good success of this blog, we’ll be happy we left the ‘Normbehind’ and gave it a good go………..     


Andy & Becky

The ‘Normbehind’


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