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From Trades to Travel blog, I aint dumb. I got 99 problems………. my job is one.

From Trades to Travel blog, I aint dumb. I got 99 problems………. my job is one.





Although we’ve thought about it for years now, one of the reasons that really got this dream going is the fact that ‘you only live once’.

Heart attacks are a certain thing for the males in my family, unfortunately I’ll probably have a heart attack around the age of 55, like my dad and his dad onwards. This became very real for me when my dad fell ill, had his first heart attack and fell in to depression nearly working himself in to the ground.

I’m pretty much working myself into an early grave like every other hard working tradesmen out there, we work in a dangerous environment and we easily over look and laugh at ‘Dave’ chopping his thumb off with an angle grinder or the thick as shit apprentice slicing his leg open with a fresh Stanley blade. 



Just a Quick one:

Raising awareness for mens mental health is important…. and within the building trades it is rife. 


FACT: 1 in 8 men have experienced mental health problems in their life and 3 out of every 4 suicides are men. 

“Its OK to not be OK”

If you think you’re suffering from depression or even think you know someone who seems down, just remember ‘its OK to not be ok’.
Speak to someone.

A great group for this is ‘Builders talk group’ on facebook, with 70,000 members ready to listen to anything you have to say….. wether its the shit dinner you’ve just been served up by your other half after a hard days graft or something you need to get off your chest. This group has helped countless people.


I’m constantly seeing posts from older tradesmen on ‘Builders talk group’ saying “don’t waste your life chasing invoices lads, there’s more to it than filling your bank”.

I’ve now realised they’re bloody right. I’m happy I’ve realised this before I kill myself through the stress of long hours, working weekends and chasing unpaid invoices like so many other tradesman out there. Not to mention the cold as fuck mornings and pretending to drink the rank as shit tea you get from customers. Straight down the drain and then say “mmm that was lovely thanks Dorris, cheers, nice one” like every one of us, polite, tradesmen do.


The Dreaded ‘Monday Club’


Every tradesman has an apprentice that joins the ‘Monday Club’.

For those unfamiliar with ‘Monday Club’: Monday Club is when you get totally shit faced all weekend, get no sleep and then decide you can’t be arsed for work at around 7:30 monday morning. Brilliant.

No matter what the excuse is, its usually……. “I’ve been up all night with diarrhoea mate, I can’t make it in today, sorry mate” we all know this is bullshit.

I’ve sadly started being part of the ‘monday club’, sometimes even the ‘wednesday club’, to my own business.

 I’ve even reached my 3 year goal of working with chartered surveyors and estate agents and this still hasn’t made me appreciate my life as much as I should be. Its time to leave the ‘Normbehind’ and see whats out there.


“You’re only as good as your last job” – Tradesmen


Inspire other Tradesmen

If you’re thinking about doing something different with your life, I’m not talking about changing from your usual lager or Guinness to a G&T, but trying a different trade, Travelling the world and blogging about it (like me) or training to be an accountant… nothing is too much.

In most cases the only thing stopping you is yourself or the opinions of others.

I (Andy) realised this 3 years into a business and a mortgage.

Trade Help

For any tradesman that fancies a change of trade or even someone with no skills that wants to get a foot in the door, try AbleSkills.com The training centre there is unrivalled in hands on education from plumbing to bricklaying.

I’m not saying you should instantly quit your job and do something else with your life,this is just for the people who genuinely wake up thinking fuck this and debate changing what they do.


Life is too short. I’m determined to give my big dream a go for the sake of not regretting it later.



If you think this could inspire someone or even help them…….

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