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8 Reasons why you NEED to visit Liwonde National Park, Malawi.

8 Reasons why you NEED to visit Liwonde National Park, Malawi.

8 Reasons why you NEED to

visit Liwonde National Park




#1 Accommodation

Park fees of 10USD do not include your safari experiences.

There are a range of places for overnight stays in Liwondi National Park, most are situated along the Shire river. They all vary in price so if you’re looking for a money saving stay, there are tents available that you can stay in for 15USD per night which don’t include safari experiences or food OR you can stay in one of the all inclusive safari lodges for around 500USD per night (which includes all food and 3x safaris per day).

Me and Becky opted for Mvuu Wilderness Lodge. We cannot recommend this place enough.

The accommodation and staff here really are outstanding in all aspects. Our lodge backed on to a small watering hole, so every morning we would wake up to all types of African antelope and Wart hogs playing in the grass.

The food at Mvuu Lodge varied beautifully everyday, tasted incredible and was always presented ready for any food crazy Instagrammer.


Mvuu Lodge Luxury lodges



#2 Bush Guides

As we’ve said in “5 reasons to visit Malawi” the people of Malawi are extremely helpful and make you feel at home at all times. Every aspect of our safari was carefully planned out. Our guides’ incredible knowledge of their surrounding made it a sure thing we saw everything we intended to see.



#3 Elephants!

Liwonde hosts a huge array of species inc Hippos, wart hogs, over a dozen species of antelope, countless creepy crawlies and a book full of bird species. Our favourite by far were the elephants!

Liwonde Has an over populated park when it comes to elephants, so much so that they have been relocating them, so when it comes to spotting the largest living land mammal you’d think it would be easy. Think again!

It took us 2 days to find elephants along the Shire river, while we were on a boat safari we FINALLY got our break.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking…..



#4 Bush walks

Bush walks are a great way of learning about the creepy crawlies and vegetation of Africa.

You’re up early and walk for about a mile through the bush with your guide.

Bush walks start at around 10USD (if on a self catering safari)


#5 Sundowners

Who wouldn’t want a Gin and tonic, Rum and coke or an ice cold beer at the end of a days safari. Sundowners are exactly this, drinks at the rivers edge for Liwondes beautiful sunset.

While you listen to the hippos grunting and the birds singing their evening song, just sit back and relax with your drink. Its a surreal experience.


The ‘Sundowners’ setup



What would your sundowners drink be?




#6 4×4 Safari

You cant do a safari without jumping in a land rover and driving through the african bush on all manner of terrain.

the 4x4s offer a morning, midday and evening drive.

Our favourite time to do a 4×4 safari was the evening, as it leads in to a night drive. This is when all the hippos come out of the river to graze, with their babies in tale.

If you’re thinking of doing a day trip to liwonde a 4×4 safari will set you back 25-40USD per trip. (on self catering safaris)



#7 Boat Safari

Boat safaris run from morning to early evening and are the best place to see 5m crocodiles, wallowing hippos, elephants feeding by the river and the huge array of bird species (that you can see below)

Boat safaris start at 30USD with a guide included. (self catering safaris)


#8 Bird watching

All you need to do is take the boat safari along the River Shire to experience an all you can see buffet of bird life. I’ll let the photos do the talking……



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