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Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi


What is Lake Malawi ?

Lake Malawi is situated in Malawi, which is a small country in Africa. It is one of Africas great lakes, it’s the 3rd largest in Africa and 7th largest in the world.



Where to stay?

Lake Malawi is peppered with hotels and resorts to stay in, so finding a hotel within your budget is easy.

We opted for Safari Beach Lodge. This Lodging is perched up on the lakes mountainous boulders right on the beach and is about an hours drive from Lilongwe airport. Prices start at 80USD per night for a private villa.

We highly recommend Safari Beach Lodge with views of the lake from every balcony, which make for some pretty spectacular sunsets.



The lodge is filled with wildlife of all sizes from Baboons to vervet monkey, monitor lizards, a huge array of bird life and Hyrax, if you’re lucky.

Top tip – Be vigilante….. The baboons WILL chase you if they hear food wrappers being opened, they will also run in and grab anything off the coffee table at breakfast time …. that WILL scared the shit out of you.


Here’s a yellow baboon trying to figure out a way to get in to our lodge, after failing to smash through the door!




Our Top 6 things to do……

Snorkelling- : Snorkelling in Lake Malawi has been a dream of mine since the age of 14. Lake Malawi offers the best snorkelling in any lake in Africa, thanks to it’s huge number of fish species. It holds over 700 species of cichlids, anyone that keeps fish, as pets, would of heard of ‘Malawi Cichlids’. With their colours of electric blue and fiery yellow its easy to think you’re on an exotic ocean reef.


Feeding time for the Fishing Eagles – Most of the accommodation along the lake provide these trips, for around 30USD, with a personal guided boat ride. If you’re struggling to find one, the local fisherman are more than willing to take you for a small fee.


Bird watching- The lake hosts a huge variety of bird life, in several different environments, within and around the lake, perfect for wildlife photography


Canoeing- Who doesn’t love canoeing ?
Canoeing is free of charge, with life vests included, in many lodges across the lake.


Hiking- We recommend hiking up to Senga Bay view point, this will give you the opportunity for some great photos of the lake.


Ecotourism- We loved this! Visit the local Fishing Village and Village market. The instant warmth from the fisherman and their families will make you feel right at home.


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