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The Beauty of Kuti Wildlife Reserve

The Beauty of Kuti Wildlife Reserve


The Beauty of Kuti 



Getting CHASED by an Ostrich, close encounters with Zebra foals, a Giraffe that befriended a Camel and stunning Villas……….. just some of the things we experienced at Kuti.




Where is Kuti and where to stay?



Kuti is situated next to Salima, in Malawi, an hour from Lilongwe Airport or a 30 minute drive from Senga bay, Lake Malawi.



Wether you’re Travelling on a budget or wanting to ‘splash the cash’ Kuti has you covered

  • Money saving Tent for $10USD per person
  • Mid budget A frame accomodation that sleeps 4 – $60USD per night or $20USD per person
  • Seymour Cottage PERFECT for couples with a spacious double bed and ensuite at $50USD for the night
  • Bush Villas priced at $120USD per night. The villas sleep up to 6 people and are fully run off their own solar power (Ecotourism at its finest).

We recommend the A frames , They’re great for a real african experience and only a stones throw from the bar. Which I imagine being close proximity to a bar is high up on any travellers list.



What to do in Kuti:


  • Grab yourself a burger or curry at the Restaurant (I went for a cheese toastie….. Classic)
  • Sundowners watching the Zebra herds graze across the wetlands
  • Take an educational stroll around the ground with a personal guide
  • Go off on a solo Photography bush walk.
  • Learn about ecotourism
  • OR as we did ….. get chased by an Ostrich





“How does one get chased by an Ostrich?” 



Not so scary Ostrich…..


On a very hot, very dry African day, we were strolling through the bush, looking for any such wildlife….. Zebra, antelope and all types of bird life.

After around ten minutes of walking we could see a 6ft tall figure emerging, at speed, out of a very classic African heat wave (like some sort of mirage from a film).
It was only when we stopped walking that we realised the 6ft figure was an Ostrich, belting out a one hundred metre sprint. Giving Usain bolt a run for his money.

Let me tell you, when you see the worlds largest bird running towards you at 30 miles an hour ……. you shit yourself and run.

The only thing I remember from the ordeal is Becky screaming ” its f*cking coming for us”.



After slowing down, we did in-fact realise that the Ostrich, who we later found out to be called Evelyn, was only chasing us down for companionship as she likes to walk around the reserve with a ‘pride’ of people to feel safe.

Que the Ostrich selfies and close up shots, that I later showed her……





Note: Horribly, Evelyn had a run in with some bad people and passed away from her injuries earlier this year.


Wandering Wildlife


Kuti is packed full of Wildlife and is great for any avid wildlife photographer.

Although they don’t hold any large big cats, we were lucky enough to be walking down to the wetland and sundowner spot when some villagers were shouting and pointing to the bushes, we caught the arse end of a Spotted Hyena. They only occasionally pass through the reserve, so if you’re lucky, you might spot a Spotted Hyena…. excuse the pun.


Being able to walk freely around the reserve gets you quite close to some the residents such as:

  • Kudi,
  • Sable,
  • Impala,
  • Yellow baboons,
  • Vervet monkeys
  • A large amount of Zebra.



Its a really personal experience spotting animals through the bushes, at your own pace.


With such diverse habitats such as wetlands, marshes, grasslands and woodland theres plenty of bird species for any bird watcher to get snappy with.



Looking to Volunteer?


If you’ve thought about volunteering in Africa, Kuti is a good place to start.

Whilst out on our stroll we spoke with a few of the volunteers, they are involved in various things around and outside the reserve such as :

  • Building work
  • Project management
  • Anti poaching
  • Scouting
  • Conservation and community work
  • Marketting for Kuti

Click here to find out more about Kutis Volunteer programme….. go on click it!







Kuti has a yearly ‘Game count’ which is perfect for families or travellers alike. Walking the length of the reserve
recording wildlife population for them to manage their ecosystem.



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