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What to do on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

What to do on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua



Where and What is Ometepe Island? 

Ometepe island is the largest of three islands situated within ‘Lake Nicaragua’ its two volcanoes ‘Concepcion’ and ‘Maderas’ make up the islands stunning landscape. 

It will cost you 50C$ to get there from Rivas ferry port



We absolutely loved Ometepe Island and would go back in a heart beat.
Below, we’ve put together a list of things you need to do on your visit to Ometepe!




Scooter Price: $15-$25

Or if you feel more comfortable on 4 wheels you can hire an ATV (quad bike) : $60-$70 per day

We think hiring some sort of transport is essential for your trip to Ometepe, we opted for a 50cc scooter. If you can drive a dirt bike then go for one, the roads get pretty rocky once the one and only road runs out on the island. 


TOP TIP : ALWAYS TAKE PHOTOS OF ANYTHING YOU HIRE FROM ALL ANGLES BEFORE LEAVING THE SHOP. This will help you out if they try and pull a fast one on you at the end for damage that was already there! 



Ometepe has a range of hostels from party harder pizza nights way up in the trees to quiet, family run hostels all within a travellers budget.

Clear here for Ometepes top 5 hostels!



Chocolate heaven

Central America is renowned for its chocolate factory style shops and Ometepes ‘El petal Hostel’ is no exception.

They show you the complete run down on how its grown, farmed and then how they produce some unbelievably tasty
VEGAN ICECREAM, chocolate bars and smoothies. 



The Runway Sunset


Ometepe has several spectacular sunset spots but watching it on its tiny landing strip has to be the best.
As the sun sets at the end of the runway its diminishing light bounces off of the dormant volcano, Concepcion, showing its colourfully scarred volcanic rock.

Getting There:
The airstrip sits right in the shadow of ‘Concepcion’ if you’ve hired a scooter or any other transport just drive on ometepes only road for 5 minutes out of town and you can’t miss it! You literally have to drive straight through the airstrip!


TOP TIP: DO NOT GO OUTSIDE OF THE ROPED AREA (for that perfect Instagram post). We did and rather swiftly got to meet a man dressed in camouflage with a rather large AK-47


Kayak down the River Istian

Kayaking down the River Istian is a great way to see, and learn about Ometepes abundant wildlife.

Click here for more animals and info on Your river isitian tour….

Click the pic for Insta


Aqua Del Ojo

We made our way to Aqua Del Ojo after a few days of exploring the Island.
For around $3 you can spend the day at the crystal clear, naturally fed pools filled with tiny fish.

Click here to find how to get to Aqua Del Ojo



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