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Why you NEED to visit Nicaragua

Why you NEED to visit Nicaragua


There are countless reasons why you need to visit Nicaragua. Whether you’re a bird watching enthusiast, landscape photographer or just out for a party, Nicaragua has it all……



The Hostels

There are some incredible Hostels in Nicaragua.
Tree House Hostels where you’re sky high with all sorts of creepy crawlies, Pack a punch party hostels where its all about getting off your tits and swinging your hips (depends how dirty your mind is with that one) *cough* NakedTiger *cough* and chill the F out family run Hostels, where you can finally get some beauty sleep and some proper decent grub (Nathalys Hostel)


Click herefor more hostels in Granada, Ometepe or San Juan Del Sur



The Food

The food all over Nicaragua is DE-FUCKING-LICIOUS , the national dish ‘Gala pinto’ (rice and beans) with sweetened plantain and grilled chicken, pork or beef is cheap as chips (not the chips in San Juan Del Sur)

Check out Becky’s GLUTEN FREE Travel guide and where to get the best Gelatto in Nicaragua 


Ometepe Island


One of the most spectacular places we’ve ever been, two rolling volcanoes, spring fed lakes and swampland make up the islands stunning landscape. 

With stunning sunsets, all sorts of activities, wildlife and Hostels…. if you miss Ometepe on your trip to Nicaragua, you’ve done it all wrong.

What to do on Ometepe?





Volcanoe boarding in Leon

Everybody does it and everyone else should do it.
Volcanoe boarding in Nicaragua is an incredible experience, not only do you get to hurle yourself down an active volcanoe at 70km p\h but the hike up is educational and breath taking (literally) and the sunset before leaving is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

Who to go with and what to expect….. 



San Juan Del Sur and Sunday Funday

San Juan Del Sur is famous for it’s Sunday Funday, Beaches and Christ of mercy

Click here for the ins and outs on San Juan Del Sur and ‘Sunday Funday’




Granada is a upcoming tourist destination in Nicaragua…… BUT don’t let the word TOURIST deter you “tourist hating travellers”

With beautiful buildings, fiery volcanos, chocolate & cigars to be made, fiery art and some awesome Hostels Granada is a must do on your Nicaragua travel check list.

While Granada is a becoming a popular tourist destination for holiday makers and travellers alike, it does not yet reflect on the prices you have to pay for food and hostels.

Lagoons, Volcanoes and party hostels where are the Top things to do in Granada




The sleepy surfers town that comes alive with the full moon.
Popoyo offers long stretched picture perfect beaches, bird covered rivers and waves that’ll slam you down so fucking hard you’ll think you’ve just hit with a baseball bat……. 

Popyo guide!



Bird life

The Wildlife  in Nicaragua blew us away.
You only have to drive down the road to spot several turkey vultures, Black Hawks, Bee Eaters and an array of
fishing birds such as Great Egrets, Grey Herons, Kingfishers and Ospreys. With so many different landscapes all within a few square miles you can see all these birds within an hour.

More on Nicaraguas Wildlife life click here





Nicaragua has an abundance of active and dead volcanoes, grasslands and farmlands, rainforests and marshlands……. You get the point, it has it all.
For any landscape photographer Nicaragua is a dream come true with old volcano craters that filled with crystal clear water in Granada, stunning sunsets on the many beaches of San Juan Del Sur and ‘it’ll make you emotional’ sunsets in Leon.


Let us know if you’ve been and what you thought of Nicaragua in the comments below!

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