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What to do and Where to stay in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

What to do and Where to stay in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua


San Juan Del Sur is along the sunny north/west coast of Nicaragua and is home to the mighty ‘Sunday Funday’, peppered with hidden beaches, hostels and serves the best Gelatto we’ve tasted to date (sorry Italians) Heres our list of what what to do and where to stay on your trip to San Juan Del Sur……



Hostels in San Juan Del Sur

There’s a whole range of Hostels in San Juan Del Sur. From ‘Party all nighters’ to ‘Cheap, quiet and cheerful’ Here are a few we stayed at:

Naked Tiger – Well….. where shall we start with Naked Tiger!!

We’ll start with…. if you’re a beauty sleep loving traveller then this Hostel is definitely not for you. With parties going on pretty much all the time this Hostel is a party travellers paradise…. Party lovers click here for more info on Naked Tiger.

Pachamama – Another of the main party hostels in San Juan. Pachamama is split into two hostels, the bigger being the main go-to party place. It’s bar has views of the beach and a pool to cool down in while you party hard. The other of the two hostels is half a block away from the first pachamamama

Dorm start at $11 per night then range up to $40 for a private room with ensuite.

TOP TIP: Staying at one of the party hostels will get you 50% off a Sunday Funday ticket.

Casa Oro Eco Hostel – Casa oro is a great wind down hostel after partying hard at Naked Tiger or Pachamama.

Dorms start at $10 per night for a 8 bed mixed and then range in price up to a Private room with Ensuite for
$38 per night.

They offer breakfast, drinking water and decent sized lockers are all included with your stay along with a quieter atmosphere and comfy beds.
Chicken bus’ run from directly outside Casa Oro to Rivas ($1), where the ferry is for Ometepe island and buses\taxis run to Popyo!

Hostel Tadeo – Neatly tucked away (1 road off of the seafront) on the left hand side of San Juan sits Hostel Tadeo, with a quiet family feel to it and free breakfast at $10 a night (in a dorm, lockers provided) who can complain.


Finding Food


Beach decks: The beach decks along the shore of San Juan provide some good eating but you pay the price. We paid $5 for a takeaway PLASTIC CONTAINER half full of chips. So you can imagine how much the lobster special was….

Street food: You can find some amazing street food along the beaches of the San Juan. We highly recommend trying some of the local food, some of it can be as little as $1 for a meat, Gallo pinto and platoon, so it won’t break the bank!

SUPER FRUTTO Gellateria: The best Gellato in Nicaragua….. Yeah we said it.

Whether you’re crazy about chocolate, salivate over sorbet or passionate about pistachio…. THIS IS the No.1 place for ice cream in Nicaragua (in our opinion).
It’s situated one block off of the beach and sits just behind Casa Oro hostel.


Relax on one of the many beaches

San Juan Del Sur is dotted with beautiful, mostly plastic free, beaches all along it’s coast line, from tourist filled to remote, it’s worth renting a moped to get yourself to these beaches.

Click here to check out San Juan Del Sur’s Best Beaches


Rent a Moped


Renting a Moped is a must if you’re looking to explore San Juan and the surrounding area, Especially it’s beaches ! 

Rentals Start from $25 for 24hours for a 50cc scooter, refilling the tank will cost you no more than 70cords which is around $2 (if you fill from empty)

We highly recommend Nica Moto Rental’ its ran by an incredibly freindly and honest married couple. They ask you to take pictures of the entire scooter before pulling away, incase they forget a previous bang or scratch and they will also let you store it in the shop at night to keep it safe if you feel you need to…..We did as driving up Naked Tigers hill is a big no no. 



Sunday Funday


Sunday Funday is a perfect example of the old saying “Does what it says on the tin” Its on a Sunday and its a very Funday, maybe a little too fun at times…… if theres such a thing.

Click here for the run down on purchasing and enjoying your “Sunday Funday”



Christ of the mercy


San Juan Del Sur is home is the worlds second largest Jesus Christ so if you fancy a pretty short hike up to see Gods son, you can’t miss him, he’s right on the main beach of San Juan.

If you feel that you don’t want to go up just to stand in ore of his huge concrete head then go up for the incredibly beautiful view of San Juan Del Sur. It’s stunning.








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