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Surviving ‘SUNDAY FUNDAY’ in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Surviving ‘SUNDAY FUNDAY’ in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua



Mothers, Fathers and easily offended Lightweights…….


Nicaraguas, San Juan Del Sur is famous for it’s Sunday Funday parties.

Every Sunday hundreds of people, from all over the world, queue up to grab themselves a wrist band so they can get absolutely off their tits for 12 hours (or more) dancing, drinking, drugs and beer pong….. whatever floats your boat (or sinks it)



The Chaos of ‘Sunday Funday’ will either take you into the early hours of Monday or it’ll put you to bed for 10pm.

For $30 you get entry to all the pool parties/beach party, shuttles to every party hostel from the last, free shots and of course the ‘Sunday Funday’ Vest so you can let every other traveller you met in the next year that you’ve got off your face at the infamous San Juan Del Surs ‘Sunday Funday’

TOP TIP : If you stay in one of the party hostels you get your ticket HALF PRICE

After a couple hours of pre-drinks and debating whether to bring your whole wallet out, or just some cash and if you should be bringing your phone out incase you lose a mate…. you’ll start at Hostel Pachamama.

We didn’t actually make it to Pachamama as we were too busy getting pissed up at Naked Tiger….. so our story starts at the second pool party ‘Azur’. Here we where thrown in at the deep end by someone tilting your head back, filling up your speaker with cheap shitty Tequila and then swiftly moving on to the next person……. (give me more).
In all the bars they use drink tokens, drink tokens are a good way to not know how much you’re spending in a place if you forget how much you spent on them in the first place (which you will do)…. there’s always someone left with a bunch of them shoved in their backpocket or lost in their bikini. 

After an hour or so (I’m not quite sure) you’ll be thrown onto a shuttle and taken to the next hostel, Naked Tiger….. 


This again will be a young pre-alcoholics dreamland of fuckery with party goers now even more blitzed than they were ten minutes ago at Pachamama PLUS by this time you’ve probably made a little ‘Sunday Funday’ gang.
The party starts to get serious here with people giving themselves little regrets to think about in the morning. We recommend Staying at Naked Tiger as you’ll get 50% off of your ticket, its the best, you can hide bottles of drink in your room and its home to the best after party caravan you’ll ever go to. Don’t be offended or shocked if you walk in your room and theres someone in each bed not giving a fuck while giving a fuck. 

‘The Party Caravan’ post, after party.


The party rolls on to the final party… a beach party…. which again we didn’t attend as we were too busy getting pissed up at Naked Tiger so i can’t tell you much about this other than someone got robbed by the police…..  I’ll carry on with how the party went down at Naked Tiger and what the outcome is on Monday evening when you awake from your predicted coma. 

Inevitably someone, it might be you, will fork out for a shit load of beers for people to sit with in the party caravan. If you’re feeling abit queasy then do yourself a favour and get yourself to bed because stuff will get out of hand and very weird in the next few hours within the confines of the ‘Party Caravan’…… The rest is un-rememberable (if thats a word)……. or atleast not repeatable.

Fast forward to awakening from your coma either Monday evening or Tuesday morning….. ifyoure still awake from sunday then fair play to you sir/madam.
At this point you’ll be feeling sorry for yourself and pretty shitty so grab yourself a breakky and sort out what your next travel move is with all the new friends you’ve made from your Sunday Funday experience…. I advise a night off.


Well that was a quick low down on Sunday Funday and what to expect so goodluck with your Sunday Funday.

We would love to hear your Sunday Funday stories post them in the comments below….



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