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TOP TEN things to do in Granada, Nicaragua

TOP TEN things to do in Granada, Nicaragua



Granada is full of friendly people, colourful art, decorative buildings, busy hostels and beautiful landscape…… We’ve put together this list of the Top Ten things to do in Granada ….



Look in to the heart of a Volcanoe

Most Hostels provide the Volcano tour for around 20$. Its a 3-4 hour round trip inclusive of the volcanos museum.
Once you reach the top we heard stories of a bubbling cauldron of lava spitting out from the pits of hell…….we didn’t check the weather before we booked it all we got was a light shade of red oozing out from the rain filled clouds…. brilliant.
Aside from the weather its still well worth the 20$ charge, the guided museum tour is packed full of interesting facts about the highly active Volcano….. and who else can say they’ve looked straight down in to a VERY active Volcano!

TOP TIP : Check the weather forecast or you’ll see F*ck all


Make your own Cigar

We recommend going to ‘Dona-Elbacigar’ for your Cigar making tour its located next to the Xalteva Church in the West of Granada

For $7 You can sit yourself down, learn on how to roll your own cigars, the type of leaf they use, some history behind Cigars and then at the end of it Walk away with your own Cigar to shmoke later on…. 


Cigars in the press
Nearly there













Visit the Chocolate factory

We recommend going to the ‘CHOCO Museo & Cafe’  and asking for the tour guide Engil. 

Chose between either a free tour that takes 10 minutes or a 50C$ tour which will take around 40minutes, the free tour not only saves you money but is stuffed full of information and hands on chocolate making.
You will be shown around their home grown Cacoa plants, given a detailed description of how they prepare the beans for chocolate making and then get to have a go at crushing your own cocao beans. At the you will be given a very tasty selection of chocolate based alcoholic shots. OH YES, they are F*cking delicious.




Walk along the shore of Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua has many cities, towns and farms that dot its shores, Granada being one the cities, providing a stunning walk along its shore only a short walk down from its Central Park.


Cathedral de Granada

Granadas stunning Cathedral represents its cities eye catching art and fiery character. The up and coming city holds some incredible churches and one beautiful Cathedral.

Re-Built in the 1900s the Cathedral isn’t as spectacular as others in the world lacking stone carving and ornaments BUT and its a big but what it lacks in ornaments and carving it makes up for with its stunning art across the ceilings !







Whether you’re looking for some tasty street food or a sit down meal in a bustling restaurant, Granadas Main Street has it all.

Wings House : The chicken wings here are some of the best we’ve ever eaten. 6$ will get you 12 wings of any flavour off the menu, its not very clear but whatever you order they double amount of wings at no extra cost.

Street Food: We ate a lot of street food in Granada and never had any problems, other than wanting to eat double portions as its all so damn tasty…… We recommend walking across from Wingshouse (after dark) and finding a small stand that serves up Gallo pinto, chicken or beef, plantain and coleslaw for under 100C$ (3.5$)


Check out Beckys’ GLUTEN FREE Travel Guide here


Laguna de apoyo

Tours can be arranged from any hostel, although we recommend staying at Oasis and booking directly through them. For 12$ per person you are dropped off and picked up from a lake side resort with free wifi, coffee, Free kayaking and a jetty t swim out to and relax.

Read more about the Lagoon here.

Guadelupe Church ‘view point’

Located in the centre of Granada and only 1$ per person why wouldn’t you? The very steep steps up to the top of the church will bring you out to beautiful views from Lake Granada to Mombacho (volcano)







Join a FREE Walking tour of the city

Walking tours usually start early morning so not to get stuck out in the scorching heat of Granada.
Not all hostels provide a FREE walking tour but if you’re staying at OASIS HOSTEL (I hope you are) you will be offered it inclusive of your stay.



Walk the market in Central Parque

The colourful Central Parque is full of friendly faces, bustling markets and an abundance of food stalls. Look out for the incredibly detailed Coffee Art, enjoy a cocktail next to a Turtle filled fountain and walk all of the colourful markets that it has to offer.


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