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‘On the Tools’ Raising awareness for mens mental health

‘On the Tools’ Raising awareness for mens mental health





Men across the world need to know It’s OK to not be OK and that telling someone that you’re actually not OK is no longer a taboo subject ✅

In the short Blog below you can find out: Why I’m the Travelling Tradesman✈🌎 for ‘On The Tools’🔨, Why I gave up my life in the trade, What the ‘Dreaded Monday Club’ is……

AND Why raising awareness for men’s mental health is more important than ever!



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We won’t ask a lot for posts to be shared but please take a second and share this video,
it might just get someone to open up 🙌
If, from this very short video, I can inspire at-least ONE fed-up tradesperson to try something new

OR MORE IMPORTANTLY get someone to speak out, take that first step in talking to someone….

That’s why I’ve done this 👋


The points/facts I mention are very close to home for me so it would mean the world to us if you share this video, you never know who you might get to speak out…..

“Small talk saves lives” and YOU can be one of them people to start that small talk….

Drop your thoughts in the comments below….

Whether you’re fed up with your job, just started a new one, have your own mental health story to tell or have a screen shot of an unreal ‘Monday Club’ excuse……I wanna see them !

Thank you!


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