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Camp bay, How to get there and what to expect…. Roatan

Camp bay, How to get there and what to expect…. Roatan


Camp Bay


The panoramic and picturesque Caribbean beach ‘Camp bay’ is on the North Eastern tip of Roatan. In a untouched and undeveloped part of Roatan its shore lines are resort and restaurant free. White silky sand filled with palm trees, turquoise water and nobody around it’s easy to think you’re on the set of Jurassic Parks: The Lost World


Camp Bay

















Camp Bay is the largest Natural beach in Roatan


How to get there:

Camp bay isn’t the easiest of places to get to, the road down is very undeveloped with gaping pot holes, lumps, bumps and water erosion, it’s certainly not a place you want to try and get to on a moped (no seriously DO NOT hire a moped to go to Camp Bay)

#Drive yourself:
If you’re planning on hiring a car and visiting Camp Bay while you stay on Roatan we recommend renting a larger vehicle for the bumpy dirt road ahead.

Drive east on Roatan’s main road for an hour until the paved road ends and the dirt road begins near a town called ‘Punta Gorda’, you’ll see a big blue sign that says EAST END. Take a sharp right at the big blue sign and follow the dirt road for 30-40 mins. A small road for Camp bay is on your left with a small yellow sign on the trees, so keep a good look out for that! And thats it you’re there!
Now enjoy your day ! 

Car Rental Prices:

#Hire a driver (not a taxi:

Price: 40$ person or 100$ for a mini bus.

We recommend hiring Juan Carlos Rodriguez as your driver. They can fill you in on all the secret locations, history of the town, take you for sundowners and most of all, you don’t have the hassle of hiring your own car and either rather running over a local dog (which someone will claim it is there pet and demand $200) or being crashed in to while its parked up.



Only resorts charge to use “their beach” and since Camp Bay is so remote and completely ‘resort-less’, its totally FREE. That’ll put a smile on anyones face.

Milky Seas, Silky sand



Snorkelling: The Snorkelling here is ok but not as good as the other spots on Roatan, such as West End, West Bay or Sandy Bay. The best place to snorkel is on the left hand side of the beach below the look out point.

Swimming: Crystal clear, can’t tell the sky from the ocean sort of place, so why wouldn’t you go for a dip!

Crack your own coconut: There is a huge amount of coconut palms growing along the shore line to hunt down a freshly fallen coconut, climb up and grab a fresh one for yourself!
Note: Climbing a 20m palm tree could end in broken bones so do so at your own risk…

Walk up to the view point: For a stunning view of Camp Bay and the Caribbean Sea, turn left on the beach towards the rocky outcrop, walk up through the greenery and you’ll find yourself over looking Camp Bay.

Roatan offers tonnes of activities all across the island Click here for TEN Reasons to visit Roatan




We advise taking some snacks or even building a small fire for a BBQ but please don’t be a D*ICK. Make sure you take everything your brought with you INCLUDING the smallest pieces of litter, just make sure everything you’re taking back is only the stuff you brought with you! It is highly Illegal to remove coral, empty conch shells or any other marine organism from the sea !! Just don’t be a D*CK

For the most part, the entire stretch of beach is plastic free. Unfortunately, at one end, near the view point where a river meets the ocean plastic has been washed down from the nearest town. Please don’t add to it.


the plastic problem we are facing world wide
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