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Roatan, Honduras Gluten Free Finds

Roatan, Honduras Gluten Free Finds




Roatan is an island in the Caribbean about 40 miles off the Northern coast of Honduras
Roatan is a stunning island with exactly what you want from your travels. The island has got stunning clear blue water, soft sandy beaches, tasty beach bars and grills to choose your daily dose of finger licking foods.

Below I’ve got a summary of some gluten free foods I foraged for in my time spent on the island.



The west end has an abundance of places to eat at up and down the strip takeaway and eat in; i’m going to mention a few places which I saw and some that I ate food at, but first i’ll start with the tastiest…


Opposite ‘booty bar’ there is a gazebo which every night has a bbq roaring.
It seems as though this pace is shared so different nights offer different type of foods, sometimes it’s balleadas (wraps), other times bbq’d meat.
I recommend: Maize tortilla wraps with chicken and gallo pinto inside. They give you 3 wraps which is enough for 2 people let alone one!
Price: $3

Located right outside a store opposite Eagle Rays bar – there is a glass window front full of grilling meats, they place the food in a polystyrene box with a choice of gallo pinto, fries, plantain in many different ways.
I recommend: I watched them cook it so I knew there were no sauces added.
Price: $3



Por Que No!: is the perfect spot to watch the sunset with a cocktail.
Offer a diverse menu with GF options signposted right outside which got me real excited!
When sitting in there double checked the meal options and found a lot were gluten free. There were curries,Salads,

Menu (not taken by us): Click Here


Gingers Bar and Grill Restaurant: Is a fairly new restaurant only a year old, it is located right behind the Italian gelato place.

They don’t particularly offer GF food when I asked however the waitress did point out the tacos as well as a few other main meals were GF, you can choose between a chicken beef or fish filler.

I chose the salt and peppered grilled chicken with fresh cut chips and vegetables; it was so tasty and such a large breast of chicken on the plate!
Price: $10

The best thing about our meal there were how the staff were so attentive and made sure that they checked all the ingredients with the chef before cooking.

Check out their Facebook page: Click Here




West Bay is the most popular bay in Honduras and is actually the biggest of the bay islands of Honduras. It has the most beautiful beach which soft white sand and clear blue waters, which is great for snorkelling, an abundance of resorts and hotels.


There is a great bbq stand to the right of a bar called ‘241’ which is painted yellow and green so you can’t miss it! They served bbq’d meat with gallo pinto and vegetables.
Price: $5

Behind Bananarama up the gravel road you’ll see a few shops and there is a street food vendor with a shop front offering tasty food with massive portions, they are always busy and have preorders to make too!
Price: $6


The Grand resort at the very end of the beach where the rock is a great resort, on the bottom of every page of the menu it mentions that all food can be made GF.
This place is such an amazing resort with fabulous service whether your laying on the beach or in their seating area!

There is a super tasty steak there, which they offer GF sauces and confirm the fries and how they’re cooked.
Price: $20

Another meal which was super tasty were the wings- again offered GF sauces
Price: $12


Bananarama  Although they don’t offer gluten free if you go and find a table one of the many waiting staff will come over and you can discuss your needs. I ordered a grilled chicken salad- which at first I wasn’t overjoyed by doing so as we all know salads get boring when you’re celiac…However I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!! The salad came out and I had to double check the food was mine!
The chef substituted the bread for bacon, and extra cheese. So instead of a grilled chicken salad, I got what i’ve named it as a BLT (bacon lettuce & tomato) salad with a huge breast of chicken. It was delicious and I could have eaten it all over again!
Price: $7 (and I would have paid more!)

To be taken to their website click HERE

My meal is on the RIGHT- check the size difference!!



If you’re looking to make your own food there’s a great supermarket called Eldons- similar to a Walmart / Asda about 5 minute drive from Roatan Backpackers Hostel in Coxen Hole.
There is a specific gluten free section with an abundance of pastas, crackers, cookies and more.

If you can, spend some time going through each aisle and shelf in the store because you can find gluten free foods placed with the gluten containing foods throughout the store.

To be taken to their Facebook page click HERE

Here are a few items I found:




I hope this helps someone, who is setting off on a holiday or an adventure via Honduras- Roatan!

Becky x


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