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ATM Safety on Roatan Island

ATM Safety on Roatan Island

As with a lot of travel and tourist destinations using an ATM is a matter of withdrawing money and happily spending whatever you withdrew…… or withdraw your money, spend your money and then some f*cker in Taiwan has scanned your card and bought himself a McChicken Sandwich and a small house….

Here’s a low down on the best places to withdraw money, places not to withdraw money and some tips on keeping safe around ATMs (We are NOT saying Roatan is a very unsafe place BUT you can never be too careful)



When to use an ATM:

Mornings, midday and evenings are fine but please don’t use them at night, unless you absolutely have to. Wait until the morning when the sun is shining and any would be criminals are back in their cest pits.

If it’s 2am, you’re alone and absolutely sh*tfaced in the West End your best bet is to use the money you have for food…… or to jump in a taxi home. Don’t wobble about at a cash point flashing all the cards you have.  



The Safest ATMs to use:

Roatan Airport: As with any airport it has a high volume of security and since they walk around with AK47s and shotguns you’re not going to get any trouble here. 

Coxen Hole: Coxen hole is where the main banks on Roatan are placed so for safe withdrawals walk into the bank itself. They have 24/7 security so card scanning and robberies are very rare.

Eldons Supermarket: Eldons Supermarket is another safe option as the front door is equipped with a gun wielding security guard and the cash point itself has a security card! 

Petrasun (Gas station on the edge of West End): Petrasun’s ATM is under 24\7 seaveillance equipped with TWO security guards with pump action shotguns.

Find out here what to spend your money on in Roatan. TEN Reasons to Visit Roatan


Riskier ATMs to use:

West end: Although West ends ‘Unibanc’ ATM has it’s own pod, it does not stop card scammers easily attaching their scanners. We recommend swerving this ATM and using the Petrasun ATM which is only 100m up the road! 

Whats the difference between the West End and the West Bay ?

West Bay:There’s a high volume of cruise shippers in West Bay so you dont need to worry about being robbed, it’s more about card scamming. There’s only one card machine in the West Bay, no surveilance, no pod and no gun wielding security guard. Don’t bother unless you have to. 

Road Side ATMs: Unless you really have to…. don’t bother. Rarely ever guarded, they barely have any money in (incase of robbery) and are easily accessible to card scanners!



If this has helped you find a s-a-f-e ATM on Roatan let us know in the comments !! 

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