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TOP TEN Things to do on Roatan

TOP TEN Things to do on Roatan

You’re here to find out what to do on Roatan…… the simple answer to that is there is ALOT to do so we’ll start by giving you our TOP TEN things to do on Roatan.

Roatan Island sits just off the mainland of Honduras and offers Caribbean beaches, the worlds second largest reef and is now a growing tourist destination with dozens of cruise liners docking up every week!

#1 The Reef

With the second largest barrier reef in the world, how can exploring the reef not be one of the best things to do on Roatan?

It harbours a huge array of fish, turtles and coral species so ‘losing’ a whole day to exploring the beautiful reef is easy!


#2 West Bay

The hustle and bustle of this busy beach does not take any of its stunning beauty away. Perfect for snorkelling, relaxing or eating at one of the many beach side restaurants.

West End Vs West Bay



#3 West End

West End also offers stunning snorkelling, a yacht converted to a ‘playground’, a decent amount of bars for a heavy night out and the beautiful Half moon bay!

West End Vs West Bay



#4 Snorkelling and Diving

There are tonnes of spots to snorkel around Roatan, due to its huge barrier reef, finding somewhere to cover yourself in ocean water is easy…

Check out our Snorkelling the Barrier reef guide here



#5 Hug a Sloth

YES you did read that right….. you don’t need to clear your eyes in disbelief!! We hugged a sloth!

All the sloths are rescued from the pet trade and spend 100% of their time in the trees surrounding the rescue centre, they never get caged. The only time they come down from their trees is for the limited 15 hugs a day! 




#6 Camp Bay

Take yourself back to the opening scene of Jurassic parks: The Lost world……….. Camp bay is as idyllic and beautiful as that, just replace the dinosaur scene for a couple of fish in the surf….. Camp bay is hidden away on the Eastern tip of Roatan, rarely visited by than more than 10 people as it’s quite a trek.

A day at Camp bay !

Top Tip

Stay at Roatan Backpackers Hostel for a $15 shuttle service to camp bay and back!


#7 Botanical Gardens

Roatans Botantical Gardens is a great morning out!

For a $10 entry fee you can spend the morning wandering around its zig-zagging pathways, learn about native plants, Butterflys, lizards and (if you’re lucky) Roatans Agutis!

The Weather Rock…. it knows all


#8 Baleadas!!

Baleadas! Baleadas! Baleadas! A very popular, if not the most popular food on the Hondurian islands of Roatan and Utilla, Baleadas are cheap, filling and DE-F*CKING-LICIOUS. 

Corn (GLUTE FREE) or wheat homemade tortillas filled with re-fried beans and your choice of meat, cheese, eggs or just vegetables for the vegans. Baleadas are a perfect meal for travelling on a budget, a cheese and bean filled baleada will only set you back $1 and the best we’ve eaten are from Petrosun (the big petrol station next the West End).

Check out Becky’s GLUTEN FREE Roatan Guide here

Gluten FREE Baleadas


#9 Sunset Catamaran

We were lucky enough to be invited onto a catamaran for sunset in the west end, and what an experience it was!
Sailing out into the deep blue Caribbean ocean and then setting anchor for an hour of snorkelling ready for the stunning sunset is not something you want to miss.
The crew are very attentive for all your needs and with any catamaran the front hammock is an ideal place to let your hands or feet roll in the oceans waves as you sail.

Prices start at $65


#10 Roatan Backpackers Hostel

Roatan Backpackers hostel has a real family and welcoming feel to it, we may be bias as we spent March volunteering here through Workaway. The owner Mel has built it up from the ground so the entire property has a real sense of pride and character.

Click here for information on Workaway and Roatans Backpacker hostel.



If this was helpful toward your trip to Roatan please let us know in the comments, Share or  Pin it!


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