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West end Vs West Bay

West end Vs West Bay


Many people confuse the West End with the West Bay (and vice versa) just because they sound the same……. and although that they are similar in the sense they have beautiful beaches and delicious restaurants, they’re also very different in the way that they are presented and what you can get up to during the day/night. We’re going to break them both down for you from the best places to eat to the best snorkelling spots.



West End


Roatans West End is a little over a mile long. Full of bars, restaurants and perfect beach spots. It’s a 15 minute drive from Coxen hole or a 5 minute drive from Roatans Backpacker Hostel.


Snorkelling: Half moon bay in West end provides the best snorkelling for travellers or families with young children as there is a large specific snorkelling area cordoned off from all the boat activity

Half Moon beach: Half moon beach makes up half of Westends water front. There’s plenty of Shallow spots for cooling off  after baking in the sun, turtle grass to get tangled in and with great snorkelling, boat trips, guided snorkelling and Icecream shops on the beach its easy to spend a whole day on the beach

Half Moon Beach


Food: With an umbundance of restaurants, Coffee shops and food stands you won’t find it hard to eat our in West End.

We recommend:  Eating at …… the Buffet style ‘restaurant’ that serves a big dish of chicken, Gallo pinto, beans and pasta for 100L ($4) It’s opposite the Water taxi service

We recommend: Budget ballads from Petrsun the large gas station on the edge of west end will save you money and fill you up ! for 20Limpera 80cent you can get a large baleada! 


We recommend: Franks bar sits behind Franks cigar shop on the Main Street. be sure to wear some sort of bug repellent (preferably not DEET) as the sand flys WILL be biting the sh*t out of you! It’s a great night out and past 11pm the dance floor is poppin so throwing out a body roll or two isn’t out of the ordinary.

We recommend: Booty Bar: Booty bar is 50m down the road from Franks and is split in two bars one for drinks and chilling out and one for the booti.

The Boat swing

A recycled and converted yacht sits in Half Moon bay which is FREE to play on. Make shift rock climbing and a huge swing rope. Did we mention its for FREE ! so why not snorkel out and have some fun

The Free Boat swing in Half Moon Bay!

Taco Tuesdays at Sundowners

Sundowners is located on the right hand side of the road about as you pull in to West End. Very affordable Tacos every Tuesday with your choice of meats. Sit down and relax with your tacos next to the beach bonfire and watch the sunset.

If you’re looking for somewhere more peaceful to relax… Check out Camp Bay Beach


Make sure to get down to for Taco Tuesday early, it’s very popular!


West Bay


West bay is Roatans cruise line tourist attraction…. that doesn’t mean you ‘tourists hating travellers’ should give it a miss. Its a 5 minute Water Taxi Ride from West End ($3). Its Caribbean shores offer great snorkelling, swimming and wholesome food stalls……. plus Two 4 One cocktails. 

paddle boarding in West Bay

Snorkelling: Walkdown to the far side of West Bay Beach for some pretty incredible snorkelling. swim out about 50m past all the coral that has been ruined by the thousands of cruise shippers that enter the ocean each day and get to the incredible coral wall.

Please follow standard guidelines while snorkelling!! 

Food: As with West End, West Bay has a lot fo restaurants to chose from. A little pricier than West prices as it’s all aimed at the expensive resorts and cruise shipper. 

We recommend: Bananarama offers a wide selection on the menu. A hearty American chicken burger will set you back $12 or a GLUTEN FREE chicken salad $10 + drinks.

West Bay Beach: West Bay beach is a classic idilic Caribbean beach perfecter anyone who love people watching. More people visit West Bay than West End as its a huge attraction for the Cruise ships that dock on Roatan.

Snorkelling West Bay

2 for 1 Cocktail bar: The ‘2 For 1 Cocktail bar’ is directly in front of you when you pull in on the Water Taxi (if you came by car its the opposite end to the snorkelling, Thankgod)
They offer a standard menu of cocktails and they’re definitely not stingy with the alcohol!  and they’ll turn the reggae music up for you for that Caribbean feel !!! We Highly recommend it !!

Price: $7 for 2 cocktails

Activities: All the way up and down West Bay Beach there are sales people trying to sell you some sort of activity. Whether its guided snorkelling, Jetski-ing, paddling boarding, Boat tours, fishing charter or them water Jet things you strap to your feet and try to look really cool…... It’s worth doing something, treat yo self.

If you’re travelling with kids there are some inflatables in the sea with their own lifeguard so if you fancy a cocktail in the ‘2 For 1 Bar’ chuck them on that for a while, treat yo self.


Giant Puffer fish spotted on West Bays Reef wall


If this post helped you decide between West end or West bay please let us know in the comments ! 

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