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De-fogging your Mask. Home Remidies

De-fogging your Mask. Home Remidies


Everyone has the problem of their masks fogging up, it’s fogging annoying.

Within minutes of diving into the blue, your mask starts to fog up then someone will inevitably point out a multi-coloured fish, a rare sea horse or species of turtle you’ve never seen, and you just have to pretend you’ve seen what they’re pointing at! (We’ve all done it).
Here’s a few tried and tested options that might help you along if you don’t feel you want to invest in some de-mister!!! 


Toothpaste : 
Toothpaste worked well for us (although burnt the eyes a little).
Give it a good rub over the lense an hour before you go out snorkelling and then lightly wash it before you put the goggles on
. The “science” behind it is that the paste will leave a film over the lense and stop the condensation process! Wear your mask, for little bit, before hand to make sure the mint isn’t going to burn your eyes like it did ours!……

SPUD it up :
a potato, we didn’t quite believe this one. We read it’s a bit of a divers myth, we tried it out ourselves and IT WORKED !
Cut yourself a piece of spud and rub it on the lense inside and out, leave it to dry and then very lightly wash it off. It’s the same idea as the toothpaste, leaving a film behind preventing condensation. 

Spit :
It’s no big secret that using a big ol’ heft of your own saliva helps slow down the misting process! It does this this by laying a film over the mask preventing any air to touch it…. thus stopping the f*cking annoying fogginess.

Cold face :
Rinsing water on your face or going for a quick dip, before putting on your mask, helps bring down the temperature of your face. This then helps prevent condensation. 
Let us know if you have any home remedies that you use in the comments below !
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