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Getting to Antigua, Guatemala Hedman Alas

Getting to Antigua, Guatemala Hedman Alas



After soaking up the sun on Roatans Caribbean beaches its a hard to leave, but Antigua, Guatemala awaits you! First things first, you’ll need to get to La Ceiba, mainland Honduras, by using the Galaxy Wave Ferry!! 

If you’re getting a taxi from West End it will cost you 100lempera per person to get to the Galaxy Wave ferry dock.


Galaxy Wave Ferry
Check out their website Click Here
Galaxy Wave ferry dock is located North East of Roatan Airport and ferries run every day at 2 different times, morning and afternoon and is dependant on where you are sailing to.
From Roatan To La Ceiba: 7:00 AM & 2:00 PM. Ferry crossings take approximately 70-75 minutesPrice: One Way- $32

 Arrive atleast 2 hours early as a minimum as the ferry left 1.5 hours early on the day we took it. You can turn up and buy tickets on the day of travel as there is always room on the ferry. 

We also recommend staying one night in La Ceiba to compose yourself for the long journey ahead. 

Coach Company
Check out their website HERE
We used Hedman Alas coach service to take us from La Ceiba to Antigua. We highly recommend them as they sort out pretty much everything. You don’t need to worry about your bags as they are transferred between buses/coaches when needed and the staff even walk you into the border crossing, the fees for crossing boarders is also included in the bus ticket fee. 
Ticket/Seating Options & Prices
 Hedman Alas have two seating options when booking with them.
#1 Standard executive: The seats are comfy and recline a lot more than an airplane seat! 
Executive also includes drinks, sandwiches and snacks throughout the whole journey.
Price: $65


#2 Executive plus: the plus service gives you all of the above plus the seats are a little larger and recline slightly more!
Price: $100

We chose: 

The standard executive, our journey was long but brilliant!
We have no complaints whatsoever, the staff are attentive, speak Spanish and English and let you know exactly what is going when you pull in at pitstops! 
Hedman Alas also have a great security system going for any nervous traveller, everyone is scanned, bags checked and photo taken each time you leave the coach on a pit stop! 

Where to meet:

Meet in the La Ceiba bus station for no later than 4:45am ready to embark at 5:15am on the dot.

Schedule of Journey: 

Our journey actually took 2 hours longer than planned due to road works, but with comfy seats, plenty of leg room and refreshments served it made no difference to us. Here’s a run through of what to expect on a normal journey…….


  • Depart La Ceiba                                          5:15am
    I.D is checked , you and your bags are scanned and checked before onto coach.
    Arrive at San Pedro Sula                          8:40am               1 hour 40 wait 
    Toilets and refreshments in the station but you cannot leave the terminal due to security. 
  • Depart San Pedro Sula                             10:20am                 
    I.D is checked and your face scanned with CCTV before back onto coach.
    Arrive at Copan Ruins                              13:50pm             40 minute wait
    Toilets and refreshments in the gated station meaning you can get some fresh air whilst the bus driver has their break and the coach is cleaned.
  • Depart Copan Ruins                                  14:30pm
    I.D is checked and your picture taken before back onto coach.
    Arrive at Guatemalan Border                 15:00pm                45 minute wait
    Go through border control, finger prints scanned as well as passport.
  • Depart Guatemalan Border                   15:45pm
    Arrive in Guatemala City                         21:00pm                20 minute wait

Toilet stop while bus change over

  • Depart Guatemala City                            21:20pm
    Arrive in  ANTIGUA                                    22:30pm            ENJOY ANTIGUA!

After your long trip you’ll need somewhere to stay, Heres list of the best Hostels in Antigua!

Hedman Alas’ facebook page : The staff are very responsive if you have any questions.

We hope this has helped with anyone looking to get to Antigua from Roatan / La Ceiba. 
Let us know below if this has helped and what your experience was like with Hedman Alas. 
Follow our journey on instagram ! Click the image below !


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