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The Best Places to Snorkelling on Roatan

The Best Places to Snorkelling on Roatan
Roatan harbours the worlds second largest barrier reef and is most definitely one of the worlds most beautiful, within minutes of swimming over the reef you will have seen hawks bill turtles, spotted eagle rays, hard and soft coral species and obviously countless species of fish. 
Below we’ve put together a guide of the best snorkelling on Roatán reef and what’s equipment we recommend you take with you! 

Sandy Bay:

Sandy bay has one of the least appealing beaches on Roatan. It’s algae covered sand, squishy shore line and plastic filled bays could easily put anyone off BUT and it’s a bigger but than Kim Kardashian’s butt!!! Don’t let its shore line deceive what is an easy 200m swim out! 
It’s our no1 snorkelling spot on Roatan ! And here’s why. 
After a 200 m swim out you’ll reach the shallow Reef where the waves break, dont be hasty and swim right through it, explore the corals and look at the small details of the soft and hard coral. After swimming through the shallower reef youll come over the stunning coral, it drops down in to an abyss, the deep blue. Here you can swim through caves and snorkel next to Hawks bill Turtles, Spotted Eagle Rays and the invasive Lion Fish (which by the way is bloody delicious)

West End:

West end has some great snorkelling perfect for families. A large area has been sectioned off specially for snorkelers so no boats can come along and unwittingly end your life…… It does happen so check our recommended safety precautions at the bottom of the page!

To the left hand side of Half moon bay is the best snorkelling spot (infront of Gingers Bar & Grill)

West Bay: 
The best snorkelling on West bay beach is on the far right hand side of the beach, after youve jumped off the water taxi its a small 5 minute walk down the beach! 
West bay has some beautiful snorkelling spots….. once you get past the first 50m of tourist filled snorkel spots.
Swim out 50m around the large rock coming out of the ocean and you’ll get to the Reef wall and a spectacular snorkelling spots we saw huge parrot fish and 2 Spotted Eagle Rays!


Spotted eagle ray on west bay

It’s important to remember you’re vulnerable when snorkelling out in the ocean so below we’ve put together a list of the equipment we recommend investing in, to safely snorkel, on the Worlds 2nd largest Barrier Reef :
  • Masks and snorkel (obviously) unless you’re a fish you’re gunna need a mask to see
  • Fins – fins help you speed up your swim and make it a lot easier to free dive ! 
  • Mask de-fog spray: forever de-misting your masks or trying the old spit technique- invest in some anti fog spray it’s sold for 4-6$

If you’re planning on going outside of any specific snorkelling areas (which we highly recommend doing so) we recommend buying these extras tote extra safe as its easy for a passing boat to not see you! 

  • Safety float – unless you’re snorkelling on the very touristy parts of the island then we strongly recommend investing in a life float! Bright orange floats alert on coming boats that there is snorkelling I the area. It’ll wrap up to the size a few pairs of socks so isn’t ay hassle to keep on your travel and it could save your life! 
  • Small knife – if you’ve got yourself a float then buy yourself a small safety knife (just incase your rope gets caught up and leaves you in a sticky situation) 
  •  Get yourself a GoPro- The perfect way to look back and show off what amazing stuff you’ve seen “under the sea”

For more tips on safe snorkelling Click Here 



If this has helped you find some awesome snorkelling spots in Roatan then let us know in the comments below ! 

Also, Let us know if you have found some other spots ! 


Snorkelling down to the reef at West Bay

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