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How to keep safe while snorkelling

How to keep safe while snorkelling
It’s easy to forget that you’re vulnerable while you’re gawking down at a colour filled coral reef, whether its on the shores of Fiji or Roatans Reef, you need to keep yourself safe. All it takes is a boat to go past, unwittingly clip the back of your head and your life is over and someone has to call your mother and tell her the terrible news…… sorry to be morbid but it happens and there’s some very simple way of keeping yourself safe while snorkelling..
Below we’ve put together some things to keep in mind before you go out turtle hunting (thats a figure speech).


Buddy up
Wether it be someone you’ve met along the way or the other half to your travel couple adventure, buddying up is sure way to keep yourself safer while snorkelling.
It’s not hard to make friends while you’re travelling the world, some people will be become life long best friends so unless you’re the worlds biggest introvert finding yourself a buddy to snorkel with is a piece of piss.
Having a buddy to snorkel with isn’t only more fun and someone to share the experience with, its an extra pair of ears to listen out for boats, an extra pair of eyes to check for danger (and for spotting the creatures of the oceans) and an extra pair of hands to help out if something was to go wrong.
If for any reason your snorkel buddy doesn’t feel up to chucking on their gear and diving in, ask around or be patient and wait for someone to come with you……. if you’re really adamant on going at it alone then we highly recommend invest in a safety float.
Buddied up


Tell someone!
It’s pretty self explanatory. Tell someone you’re off snorkelling and give them a time frame of when youre back. (try to keep to it) IF you run over by 4 hours and something has unfortunately happened, wether youve cut your leg on some coral or been hit by a boat, then most people would start to have some sort of worry and either inform someone or take a stroll down the beach themselves to see where you are.
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Buy the right equipment
You’re not invincible and the thinking to yourself “it won’t happen to me” isn’t the way to go, you’re vulnerable when snorkelling out in the ocean so below we’ve put together a list of the equipment we recommend investing in, to safely snorkel:
  • Masks and snorkel (obviously) unless you’re a fish you’re gunna need a mask to see
  • Fins – fins help you speed up your swim and make it a lot easier to free dive ! 
  • Mask de-fog spray: forever de-misting your masks or trying the old spit technique- invest in some anti fog spray it’s sold for $8-$10

If you’re planning on going outside of any specific snorkelling areas (we highly recommend doing so to see pristine reefs and untouched corals)

  • Safety float – unless you’re snorkelling on the very touristy parts of the island then we strongly recommend investing in a life float! Bright orange floats alert on coming boats that there is snorkelling I the area. It’ll wrap up to the size a few pairs of socks so isn’t ay hassle to keep on your travel and it could save your life! 
  • Small knife – if you’ve got yourself a float then buy yourself a small safety knife (just incase your rope gets caught up and leaves you in a sticky situation) 
  • Get yourself a GoPro- The perfect way to look back and show off what amazing creatures you’ve seen “under the sea”


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