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Guatemala, Antigua Gluten Free Finds

Guatemala, Antigua Gluten Free Finds



Guatemala is a Central American country bordered by Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. Guatemala is home to active volcanoes, rainforests and ancient Mayan sites.
Guatemala has beautiful mountains, seen in the distance from all over the country, ancient Mayan sites and there is a famous lake called Lake Atitlan which formed when a volcano exploded and collapsed.

The Atitlan lake is the deepest lake in Central America!



Antigua is a small city surrounded by volcanoes in southern Guatemala. It’s renowned for its beautiful Spanish colonial buildings and is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Guatemala.

Upon doing my research before arriving I found that Antigua has an abundance of gluten free and vegan establishments, and found even more when I arrived which made me SO HAPPY I cannot tell you! So…. I made sure I done the rounds and experienced all the foods I could possibly consume!

What I did find was that many of the GF establishments didn’t have websites to easily scroll through so i’ll attach the ones that do for ease and the facebook links for the ones that don’t’.

Here are some I found to be excellent in service and in food…




#1 Rainbow Cafe
Rainbow Cafe is one of the towns oldest cafes and is well known within the local & travelling community. They source their food as local as they can, getting deliveries daily from farms who grow organic lettuce and more.
I also have it on good authority that their food is made fresh on the premises daily too.
The food Rainbow Cafe sell includes homemade Gluten Free treats, vegetarian foods and international dishes, so this place really does suit all!

I specifically went to try their deserts but I cannot wait to go back and try more of their gluten free meals they have on offer.

I recommend:
BOTH the brownie AND the cheesecake as this is what was recommended to me by the owner (who is also celiac)…
The brownie was Vegan and Gluten Free, and it tasted fantastic! – Very chocolatey, moist and fudge like. It contained nuts and was topped with chocolate sauce, a big portion too might I add! you can choose to add ice cream but I decided without to get the real taste for you guys reading this!
Price: $4.26

The Cheesecake was also Vegan and Gluten Free and was a great choice!- It always amazes me when I try something that has no dairy containing products yet I feel I can still taste the dairy!
I was so impressed by the flavours and texture I had to ask the baker what the ingredients were for the ‘cream cheese’ so here goes- Soaked macadamia nuts with strawberry and lime blended. Amazing!
The cheesecake was also decorated with coconut flakes and lime peels. I’m not entirely sure what the ‘biscuit base’ was made out of but it tasted nutty and crunchy.
Price: $2.73

For their website CLICK HERE


Some of the Gluten Free treats are not actually shown on the printed menu so it’s always worth asking what the cafe has available- I wouldn’t have known about the above if I didn’t email ahead of my visit and ask!
The staff are very friendly and happy to help!


#2 Samsara
Samsara is a vegetarian/vegan/gluten free restaurant offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweet treats, great tasting and at reasonable prices.
They also offer foods to purchase such as GF Pasta, Power Balls and Granolas.

There is such a huge choice of food and drink to choose from you will definitely want to go back more than once!

I recommend:
Avocado and Peanut Smoothie– This is probably one of the best vegan smoothies i’ve ever tasted! Yes I said it! This smoothie has got to be the most creamiest filling and healthiest smoothie- it’s got hidden kale and banana too. 100% try this drink!
Price: $3.54

Hummus & GF Bread– Exactly what its meant to be- very easy and great GF Vegan starter to any meal, and is definitely big enough to share!
Price: $5.86

Tempeh Peanut Bowl– A mixture of rice, nuts, tempeh, peanut sauce, with a side of fluffy rice
Price: $5.86

For their facebook page: CLICK HERE


The portions are quite large so I would suggest going there on an empty stomach because you will definitely want a lot of what is on the menu!


#3 Toko Baru
Toko Baru is an Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern Restaurant offering a wide variety of tasty meals including gluten free of course!
I’ve eaten here a few times and I have not been disappointed!! You can watch the chefs cook the meals as the kitchen is open for all to see , the prices are amazing compared to everywhere else I’ve eaten a curry and the service is great.

I recommend: ALL of the GF food! However my favourite is a good old Chicken Tikka Masala- it comes with lots of flavoursome chicken, rice and salad.
Price: $5.32

For their website Click HERE 



#4 Y Tu Pina También
Y Tu Pina Tambien is an all day long breakfast and brunch cafe offering Gluten Free breads & sweet treats, smoothies and even cocktails and beers.
I haven’t had the opportunity to eat here yet but i’ve been in contact with the owner who swears by the GF baked goods here, one thing i’m looking forward to is a ham salad sandwich- CRAVINGS!! I’ll update here when I manage to satisfy that craving!

For their website click HERE


#5 Frozen Yoghurt
If you’re lactose intolerant, or just like frozen yoghurt then you’re in luck here! Every street you walk down has an abundance of frozen yoghurt stores with so many tasty and fruity flavours, your only issue with this place is choosing what to have!

For their Facebook page click HERE


#6 Epicure
Epicure is a speciality food shop and Gluten Free restaurant which serves freshly made food daily, all of the staff are very knowledgable about what ingredients go into all of the food so you can be sure you won’t be ”glutened” by lack of knowledge.
Epicure’s presence in Antigua started as a processing plant for cold meat products; it then became a gourmet shop that sold the farm’s products, and eventually, after a relocation, it became what Epicure is today: a restaurant, a gourmet shop, and a processing plant all in one place.

I recommend: The mozzarella, basil and bacon pizza, i’d been craving pizza for about 4 months at the point I ate at this restaurant so this was an easy choice for me. I did order a side of French fries but the portion was a bit small, so maybe try a different side.
I was pretty impressed with this restaurant because not only did we get a vegetable gazpacho as a starter FOR FREE we also got orange truffles with the bill which tasted like heaven! Both of which I realised after, they sell in their shop front.
Price of pizza: $15

I recommend: The vanilla Panna Cotta for desert, this should be naturally gluten free anyway but I thought i’d show you my full meal here as I loved it so much!! The texture was perfect and the topping of almonds and fresh cream finished it off perfectly.
They have deserts of the day so ask the waiter when you arrive to make sure they have a GF desert available.
Price: $5


For the website CLICK HERE:




La Bodegona is the biggest supermarket in Antigua, located opposite the bus station, like any supermarket it sells a variety of items from electronics to undies. But you don’t care about that!.. you just want the Gluten Free stuff, so here are a few items I’ve found:







For their Facebook page click HERE 



I hope this helps you out if you travel to Antigua in Guatemala!
This city definitely has my heart.
Becky x

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