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5 Reasons to Visit Malawi



5 Reasons Malawi should be on

your list of African Countries

to visit.


#1. People


The residents of a country hugely impact how your time is spent and how your African experience is going to turn out. Malawi isn’t nicknamed “The Warm Heart of Africa” for no reason.

We found that the people of Malawi always have a heart warming smile on their face and upon greeting you with very a malawian double handshake, they will almost always ask you “how is your day is going” and “are you ok?”. While some countries in Africa can feel abit overwhelming with beggars, we found Malawi to be a lot more laid back. Every resident is quick to make you feel at home.

Becky and myself found ourselves sitting by a small lake for over an hour talking to the local fishermen about their catch.

Malawi is also one of the safest African countries and has also been selected as one the kindest countries in the entire world!

Andy showing the locals the pictures we had taken


We stopped off in a local village and donated a few cases of clothes that we brought along with us. If you have the means to do this, I highly recommend it. Not only are you greeted with the biggest of smiles and appreciation but it’s a
life changing experience and really puts things in to prospective (and thats what part of travelling is all about).

Top Tip: If you’re taking photos of the locals within their villages, be sure to give them a small tip of 800MWK this is equivalent to 1USD. Just remember you’re in their home, be respectful. After all, you wouldnt like a stranger taking photos of you unless you got something out of it.


#2 Lake Malawi


Lake Malawi

Malawi is land locked by Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. What it lacks in Ocean views and sea breeze it makes up for with the sandy shores of the Lake.

Lake Malawi offers epic photo opportunities from wildlife to sunsets and is dotted with idilic hotels all along it’s sandy beaches.

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#3 Liwonde Safari National Park


A magnificent bull elephant in Liwonde

We absolutely loved Liwonde and would say it was our favourite part of our Malawi trip.
With unbeleivable wildlife and epic photo opportunities it’s a absolute must do.

Liwondes’ entry fees of 10USD is incredibly cheap considering the dense concentration of wildlife available to see.

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#4 Kuti Wildlife reserve


Kuti wildlife reserve is an ecotourism wildlife reserve focused on conservation and community support within and around the salima district.

With huge diversity in its wildlife and habits its a sure thing to do while visiting Malawi!


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#5 Stunning Scenery


As you travel across Malawi you will blown away by the diversity of landscapes, literally around every corner the scenery changes dramatically. From the hustle and bustle of the high rise cities like Lilongwe to vast open plains with snow dusted mountains in the backdrop.

Malawi really does have it all, open plains, mountains of all sizes that are perfect for hiking enthusiasts, the shire river which runs its course through lilongwe safari park and vast plantations of tea and sugar cane. These are great for Epic scenery photography.



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