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About Andy

I’m not going to write this in 3rd person as its more annoying than a mosquito flying around your head at 1am.

Hi, Im Andy.

Im 26 years old. I currently run Barton Building Maintenance a successful business in my home town of Eastbourne, United Kingdom. You can read more about Eastbourne in Our Normlife .

Like a large population of lads at school, I hated it. Other than being the class clown, every lesson,  I basically did sweet fuck all other than annoy a good percentage of my teachers. I hated being told what to do BUT if I liked something id give it my all and have a lot of motivation for it. That includes this new Travel blog.

I somehow made it to college, my parents were delighted. I quickly dropped all my subjects like hot potatoes. Classic.

My Mum and Dad gave me the great opportunity, by opportunity I mean money, to go travelling AKA “do something with yourself Andy” …… I chose to jump on a plane to Ayia Napa, Cyprus and spend 4 months of my life, off my face, not really experiencing anything other than shit vodka and insect infested apartments. Nice.

Coming back from Ayia Napa I got a job with a local builder, picking up a few trades a long the way. “Jack of all, Master of none”

After several more years working and heavy weekends spunking all my money on #thesesh (british slang for drinking an excessive amount until 6am) I decided, along with Becky, we should invest in a property and get a mortgage, because thats what your told from a young age is the right thing to do when you ‘grow’ up. Once again though before this decision of a mortgage, we had the opportunity to travel the world but the pressure of growing up was alot easier to listen to.

Cutting this very long story short.

We bought the house. We are now selling the house. Leaving the business behind. Selling our belongings and traveling the world, writing a Travel blog about it on the way. Which is ironic as i completely fucked up my education at school. But here i am.

Follow us as we leave the ‘Normbehind’  


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