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About Becky

Helloooo I’m Becky.

I’ll get the boring stuff out the way first.

I grew up in sunny old Eastbourne, like Andy. I did quite well at school enjoying all my classes and aspired to be a Physical Education teacher. That soon changed when I got to college and studied travel and tourism, which included Spanish lessons. I now regret not retaining any of the Spanish I learnt apart from “Hola”, which most brits still can’t pronounce properly.

Whilst at college i worked in a few cocktail bars around Eastbourne, Andy always somehow got cheaper drinks than everyone else….

A few of my friends worked in a local bank and suggested i start a career in banking rather than go to uni as I planned. This was a good decision at the time but id later come to dread the monotonous 9-5 ‘grind’, mainly regretting the fact i never went traveling or even do a season in a party destination.

There has to be more out there….I’ve literally spent the past 6 years of my life staring at screen looking at names and numbers. This is not what life is about.

So here we are, we are starting ‘Normbehind’ to change our lives from the norm life of mortgages and bills to backpacks and lie experiences.

Me and my Gluten intolerance…… growing up with an intolerance to certain foods is a nightmare, being at home is hard enough, hotels harder and traveling even more so. I’m going to be blogging about my ‘gluten free finds’ along the way to let all you other Gluten dodgers know the good places to eat and the bad places to AVOID.



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