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‘Sunshine Coast’, Eastbourne, United Kingdom


SO HERE WE ARE… Starting ‘Normbehind’ to change our lives from the norm life of mortgages and bills to backpacks and life experiences. 


We’re Andy & Becky a couple who’ve been together for 6 years and both from the UK, we have both grown up in a small town, called Eastbourne.
It’s a bloody beautiful part of the world (that may be bias) but the down side is that our sea is murky, not clear. Our beaches are heaps of rock, not sand, and our streets are filled with foxes and half cut chavs, not elephants and cultural food stands……. you get the gist.

Home is where the heart is though…… right?


We owned our own house, but when we say owned, we mean we owed the bank a shitload of money for our mortgage – watch out for that word, we feel that’ll get mentioned in a few of our blogs (mortgage that is, although you may see a few swear words along the way).
Rather than planning our usual 3-4 all inclusive trips a year to Ibiza, Africa and city breaks in Berlin etc we think its time for a change from our normal 9-5.
Becky worked as a banker and I Andy ran my own building maintenance firm ‘Barton building maintenance’, which we did later hope to have Becky doing the admin for. We’ve given lot to give up on but know with the right effort, time and persistence our dream of travelling the world while writing a travel blog is acheiveable.


 Hi, I’m Andy…

I’m 27 years old and grew up in Eastbourne, I ran Barton Building Maintenance a successful business back in the UK.
Like a large population of lads at school, I hated it
I somehow made it to college, my parents were delighted. I quickly dropped all my subjects like hot potatoes. Classic.
the only travelling apart from the usual family holidays was 4 months of partying with my mates, didn’t really see much of the country to be honest..
Coming back from Ayia Napa I got a job with a local builder, picking up a few trades a long the way. After several more years working and heavy weekends spunking all my money on #thesesh (british slang for drinking an excessive amount until 6am) I decided, along with Becky, we should invest in a property and get a mortgage, because thats what your told from a young age is the right thing to do when you ‘grow’ up. Once again though before this decision of a mortgage, we had the opportunity to travel the world but the pressure of growing up was alot easier to listen to. 


Hey! I’m Becky…

I’m 26 years old, I did well at school and studied travel and tourism at college.
Whilst at college I worked in a few cocktail bars around Eastbourne, Andy always somehow got cheaper drinks than everyone else….A few of my friends worked in a local bank and suggested I start a career in banking rather than go to uni as originally planned (cold feet I guess!)
This was a good decision at the time but i’d later come to dread the monotonous 9-5 ‘grind’, mainly regretting the fact I never went traveling or even do a season in a party destination.
There has to be more out there….I’d literally spent the past 6 years of my life staring at screen looking at names and numbers, deep down I knew that the job was not what I wanted out of life!
I’ve only ever gone on 2 week maximum holidays so this is something completely new to me and I’m jumping in with arms and eyes wide open ready to experience everything i possibly can!



Me and my Gluten intolerance……

Growing up with an intolerance to certain foods is an absolute nightmare, being at home is hard enough, hotels harder and traveling even more so!

I’m going to be blogging about my ‘gluten free finds’ along the way to let all you other Gluten dodgers know the good places to eat and the bad places to AVOID.


Check out my instagram page for regular finds: https://www.instagram.com/glutenfreeforager/


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