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Our Normlife…

Becky and I have both grown up in a small town in England, called Eastbourne.

Eastbourne is nicknamed “The Sunshine Coast” , because its sunny….. and  “Heavens Waiting room”, the delightful reason for this is that if you take stroll down Eastbourne seafront on a lovely sunny day, the average age is around 300….

 It’s a bloody beautiful part of the world (that may be bias) but the down side of ‘heavens waiting room’  is that our sea is murky, not clear. Our beaches are heaps of rock, not sand, and our streets are filled with foxes and half cut chavs, not elephants and cultural food stands……. you get the gist.

Home is where the heart is though…… right?

We own our own house, but when we say own, we mean we owe the bank a shitload of money for our mortgage – watch out for that word, i feel that’ll get mentioned in a few of our blogs (mortgage that is, although you may see a few swear words along the way).

One of the things from this new adventure we are embarking on,  is that we’ve got to leave two cats behind……. not to mention family and friends.

‘Leaving’ Your pets behind

For anyone who thinks cats are evil bastards who will take any opportunity to strike you down, these cats, sit and play fetch


while planning it all. Meet Winnie and Teddie… They’ll both be going to a foster home while we travel, someone wh

o will take them on full time if we decide its a life long thing we want to do.

Rather than planning our usual 3-4 all inclusive trips a year to Ibiza, Africa and city breaks in Berlin etc we think its time for a change from our normal 9-5. Becky works as a banker and I (Andy) run my own building maintenance firm ‘Barton building maintenance’, which we did later hope to have Becky doing the admin for. We’ve got a lot to give up on but know with the right effort, time and persistence our dream of traveling the world while writing a travel blog is acheiveable.



‘Sunshine Coast’, Eastbourne, United Kingdom
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